Non Profit Event Management

Non-Profit Events: What We Do

Since the very beginning, Hampton Event Management's expertise has been producing creative, memorable, fundraising events for the non-profit sector. We are here to help you design an inspired environment, motivated by your organization's mission.
In great support of those dedicated to helping others, Hampton Event Management has deep roots in the non-profit community with the owner himself sitting on the Board of Directors for an East End organization. We deeply understand the unique complexities that come with fundraising event production and will work closely with you and your board to develop ideas into revenue producing results.
We promise to bring our expertise, care & creativity to each aspect of your fundraiser - we'll find your ideal location, handle design, decor & lighting and make sure all necessary permits are in place - while keeping your budget, vision and fundraising goals a top priority.

  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Galas
  • Donor Dinners
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Auctions
  • Fashion SHows
  • Athletic Events
  • Food Tasting Events

Non-Profit: How We Do It

Sometimes non-profit organizations just don't know where to begin in planning a successful fundraiser or growing their donor pool. We greatly support those dedicated to helping others and will be there from conception to on-site management through the post-event follow up. We're dedicated to helping organizations succeed and see year after year growth.

Venue & Site Selection

Over the last 30 years, we’ve spent time organizing events in almost every type of venue imaginable—especially here on the East End. This means we’re well versed in all the unforeseen costs that come along with different types of locations. Let us help you quickly determine which is the right space for your event, that meets your needs while staying within budget. Additionally, we have access to plenty of unique, sometimes unheard of, event locations that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Vendor Management

We’ll procure & compare different vendors, negotiate pricing & contracts acting as a liaison on your behalf. Additionally, on event day—you won’t have to worry about handling all of them—as we’ll become your day of manager.


Brand & Mission Integration
Lighting, Floral Design
Furniture Rentals
Decor Pieces

Public Relations

By creating an alignment between your organization's goals & our ability to secure placement in key local media outlets through relationships -we can help your event get the exposure it needs to produce awareness & results.

Government Liaison

Experience dealing with Health Services, Building Departments, Fire Marshalls and a vast knowledge of their regulations. We have the ability to adapt goals and plans to meet the guidelines set forth by these agencies. We have long-standing relationships with government officials on the levels of state, county, town & village and can handle all needs relating to permitting with these officials.


Timeline Creation & Execution, Budgeting, Media & Public Relations, Guest & RSVP Management

Security, Valet & Parking

We work with knowledgeable, licensed & insured companies to ensure proper measures have been taken for the maximum safety of your clients.

How can we help?

We're always available to talk if you'd like to learn more about we can completely design an event from conception to completion for your organization or the ways we can help your team with an existing event.